"Discover Water Implosion and The Secrets of Viktor Schauberger - The Austrian Forester from the late 1800's - often called the 'Water Wizard' who was Enslaved by Hitler to Build Flying Saucers!"

This is a true story! Viktor Schauberger studied Nature very intently and noticed how water moved in natural waterways - he is considered the Father of Implosion Technology - technology which follows nature rather than apposing it! His work impressed the Third Reich so much that they forced him to work with them to develop "anti-gravity" technology in the early 1900's...

Dear Friend,

I want to introduce you to some very old technology which has been redeveloped for use in our current world. This technology will not allow you to fly - although Viktor Schauberger did develop such technology - but anywhere water is used you will find our new water technology to give you breakthrough benefits that will save you not only a lot of money over the years but will also will save you a lot of hassle.

If you'd like to get better hydration, feel energetic from the water you drink and eliminate hard water problems, then I urge you to give yourself some time to read this letter! I promise you be glad you did. It will be worth your time and you will learn about some secrets of lost technology..

Here's how:
Our Vortex Water systems use circular motion and ZERO chemicals to energetically activate your water. They use the secrets of Viktor Schaubergers Implosion Technology which he pioneered in the late 1800's. The cost savings is huge compared to traditional water conditioners and the water is Vitally activated for better absorption by the body. If you aren't satisfied with the water you can send it back for a refund! Scroll down and see what others are saying about these systems.

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

I Want You to Understand What Implosion Is!

Water is life - again and again, this was emphasized by ancient religions, myths and fables. Water vitalization, on the other hand, is a topic that did not become current until recently. Why vitalize water? Are humans actual­ ly allowed to do that? Isn't it really rather presumptuous if one believes he / she is able to "teach" water anything?

Aside from the fact that our number one giver of life is treated with filter systems and chemicals (chlorination, etc.), the main thrust of modern-day water research is on physical variables such as pressure, motion or radiation.

A positive example is the waterfall. The water is pulled downward by gravity, falling first as a braid of water. More delicate structures then form, caused by the resistance of air and the earth's magnetic field, which has an effect on the water molecules. They are magnetic dipoles. The falling water itself creates an electric field as well as a roaring sound, which contains virtu-ally all of the audible and inaudi ble frequencies. During the day the water is exposed to the rays of the sun, round the clock other sources of cosmic and earthly influence affect it, such as the proverbial fragrant air. At the bottom the water meets the rocks, breaking off minerals. In addition, the rocks'own frequencies (for instance, quartz crystals) have an effect on the structure of the water. In the merry whirling and swirling over the stones the water builds up its energy again. For a human being, an encounter with water like this constitutes in the truest sense of the word the purest kind of pleasure.

Now the different kinds of physical influences on water are increasing. If one sees water as a living organism, then there are physical forces that affect its psyche. We humans rape water, which loves nothing more than its freedom. Our drinking water is often transported many miles under high mechanical pres­sure in straight, narrow pipes that at times run paral­lel to high power lines. Then in our homes it is con­demned to stand still for hours, is exposed to additional electronic smog and generally ignored.

This is where responsible water vitalization comes in. In the gentlest way possible the water's own essence - and with it its power - should be restored to it. This isn't done by giving the water an overdose of certain substances, which would be nothing other than sub-stance abuse or doping. Water is very sensitive (just like human beings, who consist mainly of water). It reacts to every single external interference, often with surprising results. A lot of adventurers on the water treatment front are not at all aware of what they're doing to the water with their more or less well-intended methods. The most important thing is that they're making money!

Be wary of methods that don't make sense. The simplest and most effective power to purify, regenerate and activate is in the whirling action. In Schauberger's view it should be given priority if one wants to restore water to its original healthy condition. And whate­ver one does with water, a certain humility should be present - for the well-being of the water and with that for the benefit of all of humanity.

Jorg Schauberger, M.A.,

Grandson of the legendary water researcher Viktor Schauberger

Water - The Source of Life

Pure water is one of the most important things that we should value as we look into the future. You are probably aware how much toxic chemicals are put into the water in a so-called effort to make it "safe" to drink. I don't think that these chemicals are safe for you to drink or bathe in. As we move into the future the quicker we embrace the technologies that Viktor Schauberger handed us the more we will be ready for what is to come!

Why You Need to Optimize The Vitality of Your Water

The vitality of our water is what determines how our bodies interact with it on a molecular level. Using the technology of Viktor Schauberger we can not only save money by conserving water resources but we can literally make toxic materials neutral to our bodies metabolism!

I know you are thinking "That's foolish - how can that be?"

Let me explain...

"Energy Water Optimization" (EWO for short)

...The Natural Solution

EWO is a technology developed in Germany based on Years of Study of Viktor Schauberger's Principles. It is incorporated into a number of different solutions for various water issues that we are presented with for health and industry alike.

Here is a summary of the benefits you'll get when you start using Water Optimization:

Due to the water's decreased surface tension, less detergent, cleaner and disinfectant are needed. The water takes on a higher cleaning capacity.

EWO water feels softer (for bathing, swimming, showering and sauna baths); significantly less skin irritation

By energizing the water in the heating system, savings of about 5% - 7% of total heating costs have been achieved due to the fact that the water has a greater ability to take up and give off heat.

Calcium and rust deposits in pipes and water heaters as well as household appliances are reduced. As a result maintenance costs are much lower.

Lower costs for cleaning and maintenance

The water becomes less susceptible to germs, reducing the amount of chlorine necessary in a swimming pool by up to 70% depending on the water quality (costs less and eliminates nasty chlorine odor).

The water and every thing that is made using it (in the kitchen, for example) taste better. Bread baked in bakeries that use EWO devices stays fresher longer, and butchers report that cold cuts and sausages have a longer shelf-life.

Plants are noticeably healthier and grow better. Their metabolism improves, resul­ting in more robust plants and less loss.

Some Advantages Of EWO Over Our Competition

No maintenance or operating costs

The operation of the EWO water vitalizer is cost free. Neither electricity nor refilling salt, etc. is necessary.

EWO makes use of the natural frequency of the Earth's magnetic field

of approximately 8 hertz. This magnetic field ensures the re-shaping of the calcium crystals. No other fre­quencies exist in nature!

EWO whirls the water

according to our model invented by the natural scientist Viktor Schauberger. A number of scientific studies revealed that it is the vigorous whirling of the water that is highly significant. During this process the water clusters are re-shaped and, as a result, biologically prepared for being re-programmed.

EWO "energizes" the water flowing through it

using a highly energetic, liquid filling. This information, taken from the purest spring water and enriched with the original information of all sorts of rock strata from the geological genesis, is transferred to the water flowing past it without coming into direct contact with it.

It is the useful combination of these three natural methods that lends the EWO technology its uniqueness, a subject which will be dealt with further in a soon-to-be-published dissertation.

Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.
(So How Does EWO Work Exactly?)

"The Secret Or The Most Natural Thing In The World!"

  Tap Water
(see below)
  EWO Water

This is how it works:

In the EWO device water is gui­ded through a technically sophi­sticated DNA-like spiral which vigorously whirls it around, pre- paring it for the optimum absorp­ tion of energy and information.

When water flows through the magnetic field, its calcium cry­ stals are transformed (calcite becomes aragonite).

Because of the whirling and the magnetism, the water is now ready to take on or adopt new "information", which it receives at once from the "Gruber Information Water".

EWO Water:

Using the same frequency as the Earths magnetic field, the magne ­tized exterior acts on the interior to build up a magnetic field which transforms the crystalline structu­re of the calcium. The resulting form of calcium can no longer leave deposits in pipes or water heaters and is flushed out.


This highly energetic filling consists of the highest quality spring water and special minerals. Since a water molecule is a dipole (magnets that can be lined up), this natural information can now be transferred to the prepared tap water.


The DNA-Like Spiral is one of the Very Unique Features of EWO Technology.

But so what! What does that do for you?

It is already almost 70 years ago that Viktor Schauberger discovered that vigorously whirled water has a special capacity to absorb positive energy.

In nature, the natural flow of water causes a whirling effect....

It's Like A Walk in the Forest!

When your mouth feels natural spring water you just want to drink more. I remember once when I was on a hike in the Willowa mountains in Eastern Oregon. My water bottle was empty and the sun was blaring. When I finally found a small creek I followed it up the mountain and there it was. A small gurgling spring. I really felt that water when I poured it into my mouth - like instant hydration! Most water can't do that. Nature crafts water in a way that your body will crave it. This is the basis of Viktor Schauberger's Implosion Technology and the EWO Water Systems.

The DNA Spiral spins your water while loading it with energy.

Now I'm gonna tell you how this stuff works...

Fundamental Principles of Gruber's Water Vitalization

Viktor Schauberger's Principle Of Whirling

It has been scientifically proven that water clusters (macromolecules) are negatively influenced and altered by pumps, motors, electromagnetic fields, high pressure in pipes and chemical pollutants. Through Whirling the structure of the cluster is altered any harmful information left on the altered molecules is cleared the surface tension of the water decreases Just as water naturally whirls and swirls over stones in nature, the EWO device guides the flow of water through a technically sophisticated DNA-like spiral, resulting in the optimum boost of its energy intake. It was Viktor Schauberger who already almost 70 years ago discovered that water is only capable of absorbing positive energy through vigorous whirling. The ideal whirling of the water is carried out by the spirals.


Harmful frequencies (caused by pumps with electrical frequencies of 50 hertz) or pollution (due to chemicals, medicines, etc) leave their mark on water. This can be explained in the following way: The soluble pollutants in the water bring in ions that are charged differently. 'Water shells" consisting of dipolar water molecules arrange around the ions, which on account of the polarity attach to the ion (hydrogen bond). Around each ion dissolved in water there are dipole water molecules arranged specifically for this particular ion, which in the end forms a grid structure due to the hydrogen bonding. The human organism (70% water) automatically recognizes the water structure and there-fore knows what is dissolved in the water. Consequently water becomes a carrier and/or reservoir of information. Chemical pollutants leave behind water clusters that are similar to themselves— even after the water has been filtered. These water clusters take on the harmful vibrational activity of the pollutants (and consequently their harmful resonance). They themselves actually carry the harmful information of the chemical pollutants. By vigorously whirling and accelerating the water in the EWO device, the size and the make-up of all of the water clusters are altered. Consequently, also the structure of the harmful water clusters is destroyed and formed anew by the subsequent transfer of information.


This example using the Law of Resonance should help to explain the process. Every body or thing has its own vibration or frequency. It makes no difference if its a glass, a bell, the human body or water. If a bell is hanging in a room and someone faintly sings the exact tone of the bell, it will begin to ring, because just exactly its own frequency is activated. This law is valid for all forms of life (people, animals, plants,....). All of these processes again require the existence of a form of energy that underlies life's course of events.The fundamental vibration of life is identical with the vibration of the Earth's magnetic field, which is dipolar by nature (positive pole, negative pole). Since pure spring water comes out of the ground, it is also endowed with precisely this unadulterated fundamental vibration. That is why the EWO device can be compared with a copier that can make any number of copies of an original without wearing out the original.

In accordance with this process, the carrier substance in the EWO device is "Information and Energy Water", a so-called "catalytic converter of information."


By magnetizing the outer steel casing using the natural frequency of the Earth's magnetic field (approx. 8 hertz), the calcium chloride crystals are altered.

---) direction of flowing water ---)

Effect of the magnetic field on calcium crystals: The entire calcite structure disappears due to the re-crystalization of aragonite.

It's a fact that one and the same sub-stance can be found in all sorts of cystalline phases, regardless of whether its a chemical element or a compound. This is called "polymorphism" (multiple shapes and forms).

Calcite: trigonal
CaCO3 Calcite / Aragonite
Aragonite: orthorhombic

During the change-over of calcite into aragonite, reconstructive phases of transformation occur due to the influence of the magnetic field. The entire calcite structure disappears through a new process of crystalization in which small aragonite crystals develop. Aragonite crystals cannot build up in water pipes and water heaters and even break down existing calcium and rust deposits.


  • no calcium build-up in pipes and water heaterslower cleaning and maintenance costsincreased life span (coffee makers, washing machines, car washes, heat exchangers, etc.)
  • The new aragonite crystals that form in the water while it's flowing through the EWO device cannot build up in the pipes and water heaters.

    Water as a Reservoir of Information

    The fact that water is able to store information goes without saying for alternative (or energetic) medicine but is still seriously doubted and regarded as charlatanism by the orthodox natural sciences. However, a Japanese man has furnished the evidence.

    Owing to the book 'The Message from the Water' by the Japanese man Masaru Emoto, this argument among scientists has now been decided in favor of alternative medicine.
    Masaru Emoto: The Japanese man's pictures revolutionized water research

    In 12 years of research he succeeded in scientifically proving beyond a doubt that water is able to store not only information but also feelings and consciousness. In the future, anyone who entertains natural scientists' doubts need only be given Emoto's book. They'll be amazed. Because the "information crystals" pictured there can be reproduced the same way at anytime and by anyone, even if the shapes vary unavoidably. The magazine "Raum&Zeit" has presented Emoto's research work.

    For twelve years Masaru Emoto researched how the memory of water and its stored information could be made visible. For three years he photographed and analyzed tens of thousands of water crystals. It turned out that the optimum conditions exist when a micro-scope is cooled to -5°C to show the crystalized shapes of the water in the best possible way.

    By using a new method Emoto developed himself
    to photograph water, he was able to prove
    that water has a memory.

    A crystal in good water is constructed hexagonally, similar to a snowflake. All around the hexagon there are rows of crystalline ornaments. This construction as well as the color of the crystal and its center provide information about the water's stored information, which can then be interpreted.

    The pictures can be interpreted in all different ways, which is why it can now be maintained that - based on scientific research - water is a carrier of information. In his book 'The message from the water", Masaru Emoto presents 100 of the most beautiful crystal photographs, which were taken under a microscope. The book marks the beginning of future research.

    Gunther Wolfgang Schneider,
    Practitioner of Alternative Medicine,
    Nurnberg, Germany

    In his book W.G. Schneider
    explains that vitalized water is of
    the utmost significance for the de-
    toxification of the body.

    Since 1983 I've been a practitioner of alternative medicine. On the basis of my practical experience I wrote the book 'The Human B i o t o p e'. Vitalized water is of the utmost importance for our body's cells, because we naturally also need a kind of energy - something comparable to current - for all sorts of metabolic processes. The water that we need today for the de-toxification and purification of our body should contain the most natural vibrations and energies. That's why I'm a fan of EWO water, because in my opinion it contains this individual energy."

    Don't take my word for it.
    Listen to what our customers say.


    "Offensive odors have been drastically reduced Plants can absorb fertilizer immediately. Use of chemicals in household reduced."

    "We use two EWO devices on our farm – one in the well (for drinking water) and one in the liquid manure pit. With the drinking water (24° water hardness) we immediately noticed that the water is much softer and gentler on our skin. My wife no longer uses any fabric softener in the wash or salt in the dishwasher. On the pig farming side of things, there aren't any problems any more like clogged nipples on the drinking units (due to mineral deposits). Since the animals drink more of the vitalized water, our watering system also works better. With the liquid manure pit we've noticed over a longer period of time that a hard cover no longer forms on the top. The bad odors have gotten much better, and the plants can absorb fertilizers right away. I can highly recommend these devices to any farmer who doesn't use antibiotics."

    Bernhard Gusenbauer, Farmer, Naarn, Upper Austria



    "Scars Clearly Heal Better"

    Extract from a letter to Naturkraft, Inc.:
    "In spite of our initial skepticism, we decided to install an EWO device. Then my wife had an accident and burned her legs. Since she has been taking a bath in the vitalized water every day, the scars have clearly healed better and the scar tissue is soft to the touch."

    P. Steinabruckl



    Vitalization of a Liquid Manure Pit

    "Offensive odor greatly reduced No cover forms on top Remarkably better growth."

    "We'd been having a lot of problems with our liquid manure (very ropy, a hard cover formed on top, nasty odor), so in the fall of 1999 we installed an EWO vita­ lizer in our well. Already in November 1999 the manu­ re was spread on the fields. What was most remarkable was the fact that it didn't smell so bad, a fact that also really impressed our mayor, who was there at the time. The big difference in smell was clear when we spread vitalized and unvitalized liquid manure. During the winter no hard cover formed on top and the manure didn't change its liquid form. In spring it was much easier to stir the manure and fill it into the container for spreading. There was naturally less odor on the fields, and whatever smell was present already disappeared after one day instead of lingering form two or three days. The plants have been growing remarkably better, the young corn plants have been developing faster, too. We're extremely satisfied!

    -- Rosa Farm



    Kursana Home for Senior Citizens, Linz, Upper Austria

    "The best quality drinking water Savings of 25,000 Euros a year No maintenance costs"

    "Since we got vitalized water, everyone s been so thrilled with the quality of the water that all we drink is tap water."

    Mrs. Koller, Director

    Text Box: Mrs. Koller, Director     Stefan GraffI, Technician

    "The water softener that we used to have cost us ATS 350,000 a year to operate. Now we're saving that money."

    Best results in all areas of application:

    • No mineral deposits
    • No maintenance costs
    • Less detergent and cleaner necessary
    • Excellent quality of drinking water
    Stefan Graff, Technician


    Winkler Supermarket, Linz, Upper Austria

    "Vegetables stay fresh noticeably longer"

    After installing 2 EWO I" Units:

    • Calcium rings on the stainless steel tubs are much easier to wipe off.
    • Vegetables stay fresh noticeably longer after having been washed with energized water.
    • Drinking water tastes more refreshing.

    Rottenmann Provincial Hospital

    "Big problems with rust and with corrosive and brown water: After installation, all of these problems were solved".


    Water is clear again and the calcium spots are
    easier to remove (lower cleaning costs).

    "Rust problems solved by an EWO device !"


    User Reports From the Tourist Industry:

    Bad Schönau, A Health Spa in Lower Austria

    Mr. Franz Ungerboeck, Technician

    Mr. Gerhard Schermann, Director

    "Less disinfectant, The best quality drinking water, and No more problems with calcium deposits."

    4" device in the drinking water supply

    • 1/3 less chlorine used in all pools
    • less offensive chlorine odor
    • less irritation of eyes and skin
    • Guests are thrilled with the water quality.
    • improved conductivity of the water shown by regular test results (every 6 months)
    • We've currently reduced the amount of chemical detergents and cleaners by 1/3.
    • Calcium spots on dishes or plumbing fixtures are easy to remove, and kitchen appliances no longer build up calcium.


    3/4" EWO device installed in the underfloor heating system

    • approximately 6% savings on energy
    • no build-up of sludge
    • pleasant atmosphere in the rooms
    • Our employees no longer have swollen feet or legs and generally feel better

    The Health Spa Center "Landsknechte, Inc." uses EWO technology in the following locations:

    • Bad Hiring
    • Bad Schönau
    • Hotel Kaiserblick
    • Bad Eisenkappel



    Hotel Schatzberghaus, Wildschönau, Tirol

    Problems: rust in the water and restricted flow of water

    Mr. Spöck:

    "The water supply at the Schatzberghaus had caused us major problems with rust and restricted water flow for 30 years.

    After we'd talked about seven different possibilities to deal with these problems, we came across the EWO device, and in my opinion I have to say that it works"



    The Provincial School for Physical Education and Sports, St. Pölten Lower Austria

    "No more mineral deposits, and the quality of the drinking water is the best."

    The Provincial School for Physical Education and Sport is the venue for important sports events (such as the Association of Tennis Professionals competition) as well as the sports center for our students and other athletes. It houses an 80-room hotel.

    • We drink a lot more tap water, because now it tastes so good.
    • Washing your hands is much more pleasant.
    • The plants grow better.
    • Calcium spots are wiped away with just a damp cloth.
    • It's no longer necessary to use caustic cleaning agents.
    • The glassware washer and the coffee maker in the restaurant no longer build up calcium.
    • Our employees and guests only have positive things to say.


    Can You Avoid Using Water?


    Gas Station
    Schwertberg, Austria
    Fewer chemicals

    Mr. Eugen König, Gas Station Owner

    "We installed the EWO device at our gas station for the car wash. Since then we've used fewer chemicals and its been easier to clean the car wash. In the meantime we've also been using this technology in our homes because we're convinced that the pipes will have an increased life span."


    Take advantage of the Power of Water !


    Kia and Mazda Car Dealership Stallinger

    "The EWO device paid for itself in six months!"

  • car wash facility: cars get really clean despite a 20% reduction in cleaner
  • no more problems with calcium deposits
  • Opel Car Dealership Kirchberger

    Significantly lower amount of cleaner used in the car wash facility

    "The 1" EWO device paid for itself after only six months!"



    Opel Car Dealership Kirchberger

    Significantly lower amount of cleaner used in the car wash facility

    "The 1" EWO device paid for itself after only six months!"



    Skloib Cabinet Makers Grein

    "Life - Living - Wellness"

    Since installing an EWO device we've had signifi­ cantly fewer technical problems running the shop.

    Mr. Kloibhofer, manager:
    investment was worth it!"

    Raiffeisen Bank, Upper Austria

    Use of chemicals drastically reduced

    "By installing a 2" EWO device in both enterprises it was possible to stop the use of chemicals for rust control."

    "Since that time our employees have once again been in the position to consume good drinking water out of the faucet. We've done away with expensive water fountains. And we've significantly reduced the use of common cleaning agents."



    Provincial Government of Lower Austria, St. Pölten, Austria

    "Algae growth reduced by approximately 8o%"

    Department of Building Engineering
    Mr. Friedrich Käfer, Engineer:

    1 4 " EWO and 1 I" EWO device

    "In the government complex of the new Lower Austrian provincial capital, St. Pölten, a beautiful fountain was installed in a large basin.

    In the past we had pretty big problems with the basin, because on the one hand its very large and on the other hand its very shallow. With the sun shining on it, the algae began to take over. This year we installed an EWO water vitalization device, which has resul­ ted in longer intervals between cleaning the basin as well as a significant reduction of operating costs."
    Mr. Friedrich Käfer, Engineer



    Municipal Office of Parks and Gardens, St. Pölten, Austria

    EWO Technology solved pond problem

    Mr. Johann Pelzer, Engineer

    "I'm the head of the Municipal Office of Parks and Gardens in St. Pölten, so it's my job to plan and take care of the city's greenery and parks.

    We had major problems with sludge building up in the pond in the one park. It smelled bad and it beca­ me a huge job to keep the water clean."

    "The ponds been clean and fine though since we installed an EWO device. It's proved to be really worthwhile." Mr. Johann Pelzer



    Building Code Supervisor, Sinabelkirchen, Styria, Austria

    Pipes show no signs of calcium or other deposits

    Mr. Gerhard Maninger, Engineer

    "As the building code supervisor, I'm also responsible for the water supply system -- among other things. Our supply lines, including a high rise tank, are currently under construction. The tank will pro- vide water for about 500 households."

    "While the water tank was being renovated, we installed an EWO vitalizing device. Since then the side pipes to the end pieces have been free of calcium and other deposits." Mr. Gerhard Maninger



    Roncadin, manufacturer of bakedgoods, pizza dough and ice cream; Meduna, Italy:

    Yeast dough rises much better now than it did with normal water.

    Mr. Renzo Roncadin:

    "After receiving detailed information from the company, we decided to test how well the EWO technology functions in our bread production. Laboratory tests had shown that dough rose much better than with normal water. This is what we wanted to take advantage of, so an EWO device was installed in the company's main water supply line. In addition an EWO device was installed in my swimming pool at home. Since then I haven't had any more problems with algae and I've been able to significantly reduce the amount of chemicals like chlorine."

    Roncadin is one of the biggest manufacturers of pizza and ice cream in Europe.

    Prindl Bakery, Vienna

    "We have a mid sized bakery in Vienna and supply restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores. Since we installed EWO devices in our bakery, all of the water and steam pipes have been free of calcium. WE've been really satisfied since we installed the devices. The quality of the baked goods is still first class and it's shown a slight change for the better."



    TEWA Packaging, Inc. Manufacturer of Corrugated Cardboard, Feldkirchen, Karinthia, Austria

    Productivity has increa­sed significantly due to better glue quality.

    Mr. Viktor Billiani, Marketing:

    "Thanks to the consistently high quality water for the glue, we've been able to significantly reduce the number of rejects and increase the quality of the corrugated cardboard!"

    "First of all we installed two EWO devices in our homes and got positive results after a short time:

  • softer water resulting in much healthier skin (neurodermitis)
  • 50% reduction of chemical cleaning agents
  • Based on these positive results, we've just recently installed and EWO device in our factory too.

    We process 120,000 tons of paper a year to make corrugated cardboard, and to do this we need glue, which contains water. Thanks to the consistently high quality water for the glue, we've been able to significantly reduce the number of rejects and increase the quality of the corrugated cardboard!" Viktor Billiani



    Lenzing Plastics

    "The machines were totally clogged with calcium deposits. Now everything's in tiptop condition"

    Mr. Gerhard Nöhmer, Technical Supervisor / Mr. Walter Reichert, Production Manager, Regranulating

    "We used to have a recurrent problem with calcium deposits in the regranulating machine in our plastics recycling plant, even with new machines. After six months the machines were totally clogged with calcium. No water could run through the cooling unit."

    "It was decided to install an EWO device, and since then we haven't had any problems."



    Zitta Synthetics Manufacturing

    Lower Maintenance Costs for Machinery

    Open cooling system for the machinery used in the production of synthetic materials: EWO device prevents calcium from clogging the cooling channels as well as the supply pipes and the circulating pump.

    Closed systems: The build-up of algae and germs has been reduced.

    In both systems the installation of an EWO device has solved the following problems:

  • maintenance intervals now longer
  • fewer rejects
  • machines clean faster and more easily
  • lower maintenance costs for machinery

    Warning: Do NOT buy any Energetic Water Activator
    unless it meets the following 3 criteria

    There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

    It's Simple to use so you WILL use it!

    It doesn't use any chemicals, salts, or replaceable parts..

    It doesn't require any maintenance! Once installed it should Energetically activate and restructure your water forever without cleaning - otherwise you'll get frustrated when you fall behind on maintenance and you might as well not have it!

    It should take care of any hard water problems and have a satisfaction guarantee in case it doesn't work for your water. All water is different - this way you will have no risk of investment.

    It doesn't require any maintenance! Once installed it should Energetically activate and restructure your water forever without cleaning - otherwise you'll get frustrated when you fall behind on maintenance and you might as well not have it!

    When Would You Like To Get:

    • Protection from Calcium and Rust
    • Purification of the Body
    • Protection from harmful Frequencies and Damaged Water Structure
    • "Feel" The Better Tasting Water
    • Enjoy Softer Water
    • See All Your Plants Grow Better
    How much is your health worth?

    You will notice amazing differences in the water once your EWO unit is installed. Scientific studies have confirmed improvement in:

    Taste and Longer Shelf Life

    Softer Water

    Water that is more resistant to Bacteria and Viruses

    Water that has Greater Cleaning Power

    Water that will reduce your cleaning costs with lower levels of lime and rust deposits.

    EWO Heating Systems will save you 5-7% on heating costs.

    Water that yields improved plant growth - more robust and vigorous plants through better metabolism.

    All this with no maintenance costs!

    Since this is a new technology and you are probably not familiar with it at all I am going to do something really special for you.
    Let me explain:

    I am going to let you try your EWO system risk free for 12 months. If you aren't completely satisfied with it you can send it back for 100% of your money back aside from a small shipping expense. Yes - you heard me right - You get to try it for A Whole Year!

    There are a few different units - and the one you need will depend on the size of the pipe where the water comes into the house.

    See for yourself how well EWO Products work. I just know you are going to be amazingly satisfied so I'm gonna take all the risk for you! If you aren't completely satisfied with the results you are getting with your EWO unit up to TWELVE MONTHS from now - just sentit back for a full refund! I'm serious - I'm going to give you a FULL YEAR to try it without any risk!

    All EWO Inline Units are backed by a 10 year parts and performance warrantee.

    Your not going to find a better warrantee than this for nearly any product!

    All EWO Inline System (below) require a Plumber for Installation. Instructions are included which any plumber can easily follow.

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    Item #








    Water pressure up to (bar)








    Operating temperature (+°C)








    Max. flow








    (liters per second)

    Loss of pressure (mega-bar)








    ( at max. flow)

    Weight (kg)








    Measurements (mm)

















    The EWO device can easily be installed in the water supply line of your house or apartment behind the water meter and the main faucet. The cross-section of the pipe will determine which type of device best suits your needs. We strongly recommend you have the device installed by a skilled plumber. Areas of application: homes, apartments, restaurants, farms, nurseries, swimming pools, closed circuit water systems, heat exchangers, cooling systems, car washes, laundromats, industrial plants, etc.


    EWO devices for wells, swimming pools, water treatment facilities and liquid manure pits can be installed simply by attaching them to a 5-mm-long nylon rope.

  • for wells: place 20 – 30 cm above the bottom
  • for swimming pools: place 10 cm above the bottom of the equalizing reservoir
  • for water treatment facilities and liquid manure pits: place in the upper third of the container; for use only with aerobic bacteria phyla.

    "Bring The Spring Into Your Home...

    and Well-Being Into Your Life"

    When Would You Like To Get:

    • Protection from Calcium and Rust
    • Purification of the Body
    • Protection from harmful Frequencies and Damaged Water Structure
    • "Feel" The Better Tasting Water
    • Enjoy Softer Water
    • See All Your Plants Grow Better

    These systems do require a plumber for
    installation but once they are installed they require no maintenance or servicing!


    Here's a picture of the EWO Energy Wand which is great to carry around and energize your beverages when you're out!

    The Energy Wand is $119.00 USD which is very reasonable considering they will essentially last forever! There's not many things that can truly claim that - making this technology and all implosion technology quite unique. You will need to reserve your Energy Wand right away to assure this price as this is a European product and the value of the US dollar is falling.


    This vitalizer is especially designed for installation in underfloor (also called "radiant") heating and wall heating systems. It prevents the build-up of sludge in the water. If it's installed after the heating system has already been in opera­tion, then it will purify the water in the system. The negative side-effects of underfloor (radiant) hea­ ting (such as swollen legs, tired­ness, aching feet) will disappear, and you'll save 5% — 7% on hea­ ting costs.


    Our Energy Pendant is filled with the high quality "Gruber Information Water", which supplies your body with positive vibrational information. The human body, which of course consists of approximately 70% water, takes in these natural vibrations. Its a stress-buster and also reduces the effects of harmful environmental radiation. You feel more balanced, resilient and energized! Now also available in silver — entirely nickel-free!
    Here's how to order right now!

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    You can't lose with our 100%,
    ironclad, moneyback guarantee

    I'll take all the risk on this one cause I'm so sure that you are gonna love your water once you try your EWO Energy Wand or hook up your EWO unit. I'll even give you an entire year to play around with it and check it out. If you are not 100% satisfied with the system then you can just send it back and I'll refund all of what you paid (shipping costs not included which is only fair).

    Not a bad deal - the only risk you take is for the shipping cost and you can try it out for a whole year! My friends say I'm crazy to offer this for a whole year but I just want you to be happy ;~)

    Here's how to start right now!

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    To your success,

    Joshua Korn, Implosion Researcher

    P.S. Don't forget if you act now you can try out an EWO Energy Wand which will allow you to "Taste" how the EWO systems work with a product that you can carry around and Activate your beverages "on the go". The taste of all of your beverages will be noticeably improved!



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